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Have a Little Insight - Jennie Leaver EPISODE 3, 27th March 2020
The Power of Gratitude
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The Power of Gratitude

In this week's episode Ryan and Jennie talk to you about a practice that has made a huge difference in both of their lives. Gratitude! What is it? The dictionary defines gratitude as the quality of being thankful; a readiness to show appreciation for and to return in kindness. Sounds pretty good? We think so. Join us as we talk about it more, break down what a gratitude practice is and how it can literally change the way your brain works. 

Looking for something we talked about in the show, links are listed below. We are grateful you are listening and hope you enjoyed the episode. 

Show Notes

Berkley Study - How Gratitude Changes your Brain


Hey Sigmund - What You Focus on is What Becomes Powerful


Intelligent Change - Benefits of Gratitude Journalling


Forbes Article


Brene Brown Video


Yale Article - What is Gratitude


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