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RHE Episode 1 - Pilot
Episode 111th February 2021 • Reckoning Higher Ed • Jeffrey DiGiovanni
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Welcome to the pilot episode of Reckoning Higher Ed. This fairly short episode will discuss the podcast and its intent.

Reckoning Higher Ed is as new podcast that explores the issues facing higher education today. It is no secret that with enrollment changes, reduced support, frozen tuition, technological progress all wrapped in a COVID-19 package has accelerated massive changes in higher education.

This episode provides an introduction to higher education and highlights the themes you will experience!

While I don't discuss all the types of episodes (this has been evolving), we'll have at least four types of episodes, as follows:

  1. Discussions: where we explore issues facing higher education from the perspective of seasoned professionals
  2. Current Issues: where a particular issue, often a current issue, is taken and discussed by the host
  3. Q&A: as listeners inquire through email ( or other venues (FB: will be gathered and addressed.
  4. College 101: Not everyone is well versed in the "academy". Some listeners may simply want to understand colleges and universities better. This category assumes little to no knowledge and gives background in various aspects of higher education. Maybe you're a grad student and considering a career in higher ed. Maybe you're a parent who has children approaching college age and want to get versed in this sphere to guide your kids better.

In some cases , there will be hybrid episodes. For example, Episode 2 is a hybrid between College 101 and Current Issues. In this situation, a current issue is raised and explored, and along the way, a certain background in a fundamental area of higher ed is provided.