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The Leadership Power of Delegation with Joyel Crawford
Episode 271st May 2023 • Lead at the Top of Your Game • Karan Ferrell-Rhodes and Shockingly Different Leadership
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How well do you delegate at your workplace? Do you find it difficult to let go of control as a leader? Delegation is all about letting go of control and trusting your people to take responsibility. Your responsibility as a leader is to make sure they have a clear idea of the role they have to play.

Joyel Crawford is the founder of Crawford Leadership Strategies. They provide leadership development training, career coaching, and speaking events for clients. With two decades of leadership development experience, she believes we can live better and have more authentic experiences, both personally and professionally, when we rise into our own power.


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Joyel Crawford is the founder and CEO of Crawford Leadership Strategies, a global leadership and career consultancy. She is a TEDx speaker, Fortune 50 experienced leadership consultant and coach, podcast host, and Amazon bestselling author of ‘Show Your Ask: Using Your Voice to Advocate for Yourself and Your Career."

Joyel started Crawford Leadership Strategies in 2014 with 20 years of experience and a passion for inspiring others to action. She has recently won the award for the second time as one of the best career coaching services in Philadelphia. She's also the host of the Career View Mirror podcast. Her career advice is featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Essence, Newsweek, The Huffington Post, The Muse, Girlboss, The Ladders, Yahoo! Finance, Thrive Global, The Chicago Tribune, and many more.


1.   What is delegation?

2.   How to communicate the roles properly.

3.   How to compete with the big brands out there?

4.   RISE methodology.

5.   How to respect the value of your team?


[04.31] Joyel’s educational background and her career journey in leadership and executive development, equal employment and affirmative action, employee relations, staffing, professional mentoring, and learning and development training.

[09.54] Delegation is about letting go of control and trusting your people to do it.

[15.23] How to make an initial conversation with your team and make sure they understand their exact role.

[19.21] The importance of collaboration and support instead of just getting clients.

[22.02] Joyel’s entry into the LATTOYG Playbook – RISE methodology.

[26.01] How Joyel deals with microaggressions of her clients. 

[29.36] Signature segment – Full Disclosure.

[34.33] Signature segment - Karan’s take.


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