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Chapter 137. Take me down to the Jam City
Episode 13719th December 2022 • The Corona Diaries • Steve Hogarth
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*excerpt from production notes, TCD chapter 137

1: Preamble - use a bit of the Zoom audio from Tuesday, the audio quality isn't great but it sets the scene and if it turns out the episode is late for the purples it will add credibility to the excuse.

2: Intro - try and 'Christmas' it up a bit, after all it's half way through December

3: Main Section - we might be struggling for time a bit this week, so maybe see if we can riff on the patreon feedback for a bit. Speedway is always great filler if we are struggling for inspiration, the purples love a bit of speedway. If all else fails chuck in an erection joke.

4: Diary - what with Gordon, Nicolas and Angela it all gets a bit Ben Elton this week...'little bit of politics, little bit of politics'.

5: Wrap - push the livestream a bit, and remember it's Saturday. Oh and see if we can do a bit of product placement for Paddington, somewhere close to the venue would work well. Might want to tee up the Christmas episode...

6: Crooncast - recommend watching "Harold and Maude" this Christmas

7: (don't forget to pop those links in the show notes)

8: Finish with a limerick

There once was an addled old brewer,

Whose brain cells were fewer and fewer,

'quit drinking the day,

He woke up in the hay,

In a puddle of pee and manure.

Hamblin Bread

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