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Knowledge, Bravery, Gratitude
Episode 611st August 2017 • Turning the Tide, Saving the Chesapeake Bay • Chesapeake Bay Foundation
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CBF President Will Baker and Student Leadership Coordinator Megan Fink get inspired by the impressive work that the Bay's student leaders are doing.

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The Beauty of the Bay

Listen to Garrett Chiaramonte's reading


I’ve always loved the bay

But today I can call it a passion

People often wonder why I care so much

I have no reply

Having seen the things I have

How could I not

A great Blue Heron stretching its wings

Bristling with energy it pumps its powerful wings

Gracefully propelling itself through the air

A newborn turtle paddling gently against the current

Its head bobbing slightly

Almost to a rhythm

The great Blue Crab scurrying swiftly across the deck of an ancient skipjack

Its shell glistening under the sun

All precious

All beautiful

All so fragile

Yet what I find most beautiful are the people

The people who care about the bay

The people who protect the bay

And the same people who helped cultivate my own passion for the bay

These people truly are the essence of the bay


by Garrett Chiaramonte