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Leveraging Technology for Navigating the Custodial Landscape with Shaun Kapusinski
Episode 1262nd August 2023 • Bridging The Gap • Bridging The Gap
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Shaun Kapusinski, Senior Director, Technology at Sequoia Financial Group, Founder of HIFON (, and Co-Author of "The Financial Advisor M&A Guidebook: Best Practices, Tools, and Resources for Technology Integration & Beyond" joins Matt on today’s episode of Bridging The Gap to explore the intersection of technology, operations, and decision-making in the financial services industry. 

Shaun shares his experience in the industry and the pivotal role he’s played at his firm in navigating the challenges and opportunities the arise from adopting new technologies. 

We then dive into the importance of custodial decision-making, the power of community in the RIA space, the impact of AI on smaller firms, and the role of technology in enhancing client experiences.

Shaun Kapusinski Bio:

Shaun is responsible for Sequoia Financial Group's technology infrastructure and cybersecurity. He is involved in the systems, training, and support that help drive their client and advisor experiences. He approaches problems and solutions from an operational perspective, having spent much of his Sequoia career managing the client service group. Shaun is part of the technology team at Sequoia which strives to equip the firm’s members with the best digital resources to serve and assist their clients.

Shaun has spent most of his career at Sequoia, which has presented him with various networking, speaking, and writing opportunities. In 2010, Shaun founded HIFON (High Impact Financial Operations Network), a group of over 280 registered investment advisors from around the country that network regularly to share best practices on running an efficient and effective advisory practice. In addition to speaking at various industry conferences, in 2018 Shaun had the privilege of co-authoring The Financial Advisor M&A Guidebook.

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