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Ep.#90 Deep Tech's Role in Climate Change with Arnaud de la Tour CEO @ Hello Tomorrow
Episode 902nd December 2023 • The Tech 4 Climate Podcast • Guillaume de dorlodot
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How a global organization leverages deep technology to address pressing industrial, environmental, and societal challenges.



PART 1: Meet the Innovator

 Arnaud de la Tour, CEO & Co-Founder @ Hello Tomorrow


In our latest episode, we engage in a thought-provoking conversation with Arnaud de la Tour, CEO and Co-founder of Hello Tomorrow which accelerates radical solutions for human and planetary health by leveraging deep tech ventures. They've built a vast deep tech network, helping startups and companies to develop innovative solutions. Their services include innovation consulting as well as organizing startup competitions and acceleration programs.


Arnaud, who holds a PhD in Industrial Economics and a Master's in Engineering, is driven by his expertise to bridge the gap between deep tech startups, investors, and industry giants to address global challenges. His transition from BCG to leading the charge in Deep Tech was driven by a desire to make a tangible impact on the world's environmental issues.


Tune in to discover the intricacies of funding for innovative deep tech solutions aimed at combating climate change as we discuss the evolving challenges and opportunities in the sector and navigate the complex web of capital resources. Let’s uncover together unique insights and challenges that deep tech startups encounter.


Join us to gain a more profound understanding of the deep tech world!

Part 2: My Secret Sauce

In the second part of the show, Arnaud shares with us the importance of finding the right VC, specially for Deep Tech startups. He also sheds light into how resilience and grit are key while pitching to different VCs. 


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