Approachable Design for Homeowners with Jackie Mosher
Episode 7928th March 2023 • Construction Disruption • Isaiah Industries
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“Someone’s home is their comfort zone, and it also provides them the ability to express themselves, their taste, their style. And a majority of people don’t know where to access or to get [design services] done, right? And the thought of contacting an architect or a builder can seem a little intimidating.”Jackie Mosher, Partner and COO of Dzinly.


Home remodeling has been a turbulent market for a few years. However, regardless of fluctuating costs and supply issues, homeowners enjoy improving and updating their homes. While many people trust their own eye, and some enlist a designer, Dzinly is a new service that streamlines the brainstorming process for home remodels. 


With detailed renders and togglable options, Dzinly’s professional results allow homeowners to visualize changes to their home’s exterior by sending in a photo. Jackie Mosher and the Dzinly team offer quick, affordable design services, empowering homeowners to remodel with confidence.


Listen in as Jackie shares how Dzinly started, how easy the service is to use, and how manufacturers can partner with Dzinly to promote their products to homeowners.


Topics discussed in this interview:

- What is Dzinly, and who should use it?

- Exterior vs. interior home remodeling

- The birth of a great idea

- How do you start with Dzinly?

- How much can you change with a render?

- What makes Dzinly designers qualified?

- Can manufacturers get involved? If so, how do they benefit?

- Home design during COVID

- Dzinly’s suite of features for multiple designs

- What’s the next step in home design?

- Jackie’s advice for starting as a designer

- Rapid fire questions


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