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Roland Frasier’s Keep It Real Challenge - And His (True) Turnaround Story
Episode 1293rd February 2020 • Business Lunch • Roland Frasier
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How To Be Real In An Instagram Perfect, Filtered, Flexing World.

“We all have our personal image we want to keep up. We want to be seen in the best possible light”. - Roland Frasier

Have you ever 'flexed' on social? Or humble-bragged? If you’re a regular listener, you’ve been blown away by Roland’s success, strategies, and stories. He's nothing short of impressive. But in today’s episode, Roland levels with you and tells his personal story in a way that he hasn’t before so that YOU can be encouraged, learn from his mistakes, and build the life you truly want.

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Listen Today For:

  • The huge challenges that knocked the wind out of Roland. (His wife left him, the US Government came after him, the IRS demanded $2M in back taxes and most of his friends and family turned their back on him). Yes, that happened.
  • Roland’s ‘take’ on that sequence of events as he looks back now: He admits he had made mistakes and wasn’t the best version of himself.
  • The wisdom and understanding that helped him let go of resentment toward those that ‘gave up on him’.

“I didn’t have the servant’s heart. Not yet. At this point, pretty much everyone I knew thought I was out of the game. And you know what? I almost was.” Roland Frasier

  • What Roland believes was one of his biggest breakthroughs in life - one that will give you compassion for others even as you face the biggest challenges of your life.
  • The time he almost killed himself, followed by three years of running from the hard questions.
  • The revelatory moment that turned things around, and the clarity that it gave him.

“That moment is the moment I mark as the creation of who I am today. Version 2.0 of me, a better human”. -Roland Frasier.

Roland’s Revelations (In His Words):

1. I would never understand any of this until I could look at my role in it all.

2. Only what I and I alone had done, or not done, brought all of these troubles down on my head.

3. The only way out was through. I had to be the one who got myself to the other side.

4. I was the only one who could get me through the challenges I was facing.

5. I had to own my actions both past and present. That would give me the power to create change.

6. My future was as bright as I decided it would be. I could quit now and fade away or lean into adversity and beat it, bend it to my will and persevere through it.

7. No one wronged me. They all had their own experiences of what was happening. They were driven by their own needs, wants, limitations, fears, and interpretations of all the events unfolding around them, and they were dealing with this as best they could. It was not personal to me no matter how personal it seemed. It was about them, and their experience.

8. I needed to have a Servant’s heart and offer help to others with no expectation of anything in return, to stop being transactional in all relationships.

9. In all my business dealings I needed to put my customer, client, partner, or vendor first, serve their interests and mine would then also be served.

10. Most importantly, put my ego aside and stop pursuing money for money’s sake, success for success’s sake and abandon my pride at beating the system, negotiating the best deal and winning for winning’s sake.

Roland Decided That He Needed To Be

1. Vulnerable. 2. Tolerant. 3. Compassionate. 4. Empathetic. 5. Responsible.

“At any given time...We are all facing huge challenges that may seem insurmountable. We all doubt ourselves or feel like imposters one step away from being found out”. Roland Frasier

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