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How to Educate with Resilience When Everything Changes with Crystal DeJaegher
Episode 99th October 2020 • The Visual Lounge • TechSmith Corporation
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The pivot from face to face interaction to online interaction is happening across many industries, and nowhere is it more evident and universal than in education. As teaching continues to move online, how can you ensure that you’re continuing to provide an effective learning experience through this very different medium?

When it comes to available technologies, you must make sure that you’re both resilient to the changes they bring and accepting of them. 

There are ways that technology can enhance your online teaching, but it can be confusing to know where to start if you’re not sure how to adapt your in-person strategies to on-screen learning.

In this episode of The Visual Lounge, education and technology professional, Crystal DeJaegher, gives her advice for developing a virtual teaching practice that works for you.

Learning points from the episode include:

  • How to smoothly transition to an online learning environment
  • How to introduce new technologies
  • How to design an effective online learning experience
  • How to help your learners adapt
  • The recommended tools for creating an online learning experience
  • How to be resilient in the face of change

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