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Old Fox Young Fox - Old Fox Young Fox EPISODE 9, 29th March 2019
Becoming Agile with Agile Coach Dan Millbank

Becoming Agile with Agile Coach Dan Millbank

In this episode of Old Fox Young Fox, we talk to Dan Millbank about becoming agile. What is Agile? What makes it so successful? Can it be applied to areas outside of technology firms?

Topics covered

  • What is Agile anyway?
  • Why is the tech world so excited about "becoming Agile"?
  • Is Agile only for building software?
  • Could Agile be applied to Government?
  • What are some of the drawbacks of Agile working?
  • What is a Lean enterprise approach?

About our guest

Dan Millbank is an Agile Software Coach, who specialises in delivery of projects spanning public sector to high-speed start-ups. He lives in the South East of the UK.

Contacting our guest

  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/danielmillbank/