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86. Stop Doing Everything! How to Delegate Tasks and Focus on Your Zone of Genius with Skye Barbour
13th March 2024 • Women On The Rise with Jen Blandos - Powered By Female Fusion • Jen Blandos
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Skye Barbour shares her expertise in helping female entrepreneurs stop being so busy doing everything and start delegating tasks that don't match their strengths. She discusses the importance of focusing on your zone of genius while building systems and teams to handle other responsibilities.

Skye also identifies common personality patterns that can hold entrepreneurs back and offers tips on overcoming challenges through delegation and operational brilliance.

Episode Highlights Include:

  • Identify your protector pattern and how it impacts your business using Sky's free assessment
  • Make a list of daily, weekly and monthly tasks, circling those you enjoy and want to delegate
  • Outsource low-value tasks that don't align with your goals to free up time
  • Link team roles to tasks in a project management system like Asana
  • Share your business vision and vulnerabilities with your team to build trust and alignment
  • Schedule regular check-ins with team members to improve communication


Skye Barbour is a business consultant to 6-figure+ female-led service providers who want to go from £200k—> £1m while doing less. Placing your firmly in your Genius Zone. Optimising seamless systems and elevating your small but mighty team. We stop overworking and start leading to create Scalable Success™️ .Personally, I have started, run and sold successful multi-million pound businesses and maintained multi-5 figure months in this business whilst on maternity leave and with my young family. An active farmer's wife, mother of two small children, who is able to have the best of all worlds.



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