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Almost 30 - Lindsey Simcik EPISODE 348, 6th August 2020
Ep. 348 - Heal Yourself, Heal the World: Krista’s Reiki Journey
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Ep. 348 - Heal Yourself, Heal the World: Krista’s Reiki Journey


Reiki is the universal life force energy that surrounds us—AKA the Divine, the Creator, Source Energy. Krista dives deep into her experiences going through reiki training as she walks through the attunement process. She’s had several healing, growing, spiritual + emotional experiences with reiki and the changes it has made have been PROFOUND. Everyone needs to know that this energy is available to us all. YOU are the creator of your own healing. Whether you want to be a healer or have personal mastery, there are so many uses for reiki and it can make a huge impact in your life.


We also talk about:

  • The Law of One as it relates to reiki
  • What reiki is
  • How Krista was first introduced to reiki
  • The ways reiki has changed her life
  • The reiki learning process
  • Approaching the craft as respectfully as possible
  • The levels of attunement


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