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Creating Safe Networking Spaces for Women with Dill Ward
Episode 415th February 2024 • I AM MY Passion Project • Lorna Nakell
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Dill Ward's great passion is creating energized & joyful social events that build community, inspire business development, and promote the work of women with her organization called Women with Moxie, courageous women in business. 

After hosting over 250 events both in person and online, Dill still sees a great need for women to continue to gather, lift each other up, and create a micro-economy within their social groups.

Dill literally has a sort of glow about her—kind of like a special unicorn complete with pixie dust and rainbows, and has a heart-centered approach to everything she does. The reason I thought she would be a great women to have on this season is that she truly is doing the hard work of making the world a better place for women by creating safe spaces for women to network.

She’s also a kickass sales person. She inspires me every time I talk to her and I’m happy to have her on I AM My Passion Project to spread her infectious motivation!

How to connect with Dill:

IG: @dillwardgroup and @womenwithmoxie



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