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5:30 - Marriage Intimacy with Monica Tanner
Episode 305th January 2021 • The Family Culture Movement • Jodi Chaffee
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Monica Tanner is married to her best friend. She is a boss mom to 4 small humans, weekly podcaster at On the Brighter Side and relationship and intimacy sexpert.

Marriage is takes work. There are lots of ups and downs and sometimes it all just feels like TOO MUCH. 

It's easier than you might may just need some simple, time-saving, life-saving tools.

Monica is lowering the divorce rate by helping couples have better sex.

Her goal is to help you protect your most important relationships from any challenge that will inevitably come your way.

In this episode, Monica and I talk about how showing up for yourself so you can show up for your spouse and kids is crucial for your marriage. 

It's important for you to create a strong foundation of love and intimacy your kids can emulate

We also talked about what does it look like to be emotionally and sexually fulfilled!

Monica has tons of resources on her page

You can also find her on Instagram at