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Organic Oasis Master Class 2.0 | Begins June 1, 2020
16th May 2020 • GREEN Organic Garden Podcast • Jackie Marie Beyer
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Hey everyone it is Monday, May 11, 2020! I am here behind the mic to tell you that we are officially launching the Organic Oasis Master Class 2.0 on June 1, 2020.

Master Class 2.0

It's a 6 week course where we are going to walk you through the Organic Oasis Guidebook but there is so much more then that! Can you go buy the book on your own? Sure. But having Me and Mike and Patti Armbrister by your side, to make sure you complete all the lessons in the book. walk you through and hold your hand

That's going to help you be successful in your garden. We're gonna make sure your organic oasis is complete, that you know all the parts and pieces!


I feel like this year, I've had more experiences were I have been been explaining to somebody a chapter in the book or explaining something in the class. People keep asking me questions that we answer in the book?

What did you say? Why do you want to plant sunflowers on April 22? You plant sunflowers because they get rid of aphids?

Especially at Free the Seeds! Not only are you getting my incredible knowledge. When you join you get membership in the Patti Armbrister Fan club where you get to do a monthly question and answer all the way through your Thanksgiving harvest!


If you can't figure this out:

Tomato blossoms have beautiful flowers but you aren't getting any fruit or your eggplants are bushy?

Whatever you questions are? This is my struggle there. You have access in the Facebook group but also you will get extra attention and a chance to ask her personally what's going on at your space.

Patti and I are going to a webinar where we answer all the questions that have been in the Facebook Group!

People have asked me things like:

How do I take care of this banana plant or this coffee tree? Or what do I do about these squash beetles? The biggest question is repeatedly, how do I keep away pests and how do I keep my plants healthy?

Hard copy as long as you are in the US

People say things like I don't really want to journal all that much! I mean just because it has a space for every day, you don't have to document every day, you want to do it once a week, I'm sure on Friday you'll still remember what you at this week, or maybe your the opposite of me and you know this is what I am going to make next week!

The point is to make you conscious of what am I eating in November because when you're standing in the seed store you're not thinking about what you were eating in the fall or last summer in August, you're just thinking of what looks good now!


This year we are going to grow more broccoli because I know broccoli is my number one food, even above pizza, I would try to bring broccoli pizza if I was stuck on a desert island. Broccoli is my super food! And number one favorite thing to eat!

Mike grows it it is so incredible, we had a big squirrel problem, this year we are putting it closer to the house where it can be guarded better and we can put row cover over it. We don't know if that was a drought year or what?

But we're supposed to be talking about your garden challenges.

The new vegetable garden challenge. I know there is a big difference between being a vegetable gardener and growing a nice landscape. We're gonna talk about what's the difference between a garden and an organic oasis. Or maybe a farm. Like in Mike's mini-farm there's nowhere to sit. There's no designated paths!

In the book the Lil Gardener the other day, she was talking about it's important for a space to be inviting!

Even though the class is 6 weeks it's designed to walk you through the lessons in the Organic Oasis Guidebook.

The Master Class Also Includes Extra Lessons and Value

For each section of the book, theres I think 12 podcasts that talk about that topic. There's additional reading like inJM Fortier's Market Gardener, in Jacob Jeavins book.

I could only make this book 145 pages, when I buy a copy it costs me $20, so I made it as short as I could but I wanted it to have the most valuable

Annuals VS Perennials

I just made a video for Instagram about the difference between annuals and perennials, I am the kind of person who comes home from the nursery and I'm like hey I bought strawberries and broccolis and don't you want to put these all together in the same bed, but you don't want to put those together because strawberries because strawberries are perennials that come back and spread every year and broccolis or brassicas are plants that need to be planted in a new spot each year.

Your can get in for $75.00 if you click on the link in this or somewhere there is a podcast special. It opens June 1st so if you want to get a copy of your Organic Oasis Guidebook, before it starts!

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