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The Muddy Paws of Brumus
25th June 2023 • Eric Ludy Sermon Podcast: Church at Ellerslie • Eric Ludy
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Brumus was a dog—a very famous dog. He once roamed the halls of the White House and the Halls of Justice in Washington D.C. To the old governmental guard that had strict rules prohibiting animals, especially big smelly ones, from roaming the halls of American government, Brumus posed a serious dilemma. But, to the young radicals that were eager to bring a fresh wave of hope and humor to the beleaguered capital city, Brumus was a symbol of breaking through the stodgy and dull. Many of us struggle with the muddy paws of Brumus in our own lives. When change comes, we often don’t embrace it. When change is needed, we often argue that things were fine just as they were. We tend to look back at the “glory days” of yesteryear, wishing we could go back instead of forward. But what if we were to embrace the arrival of Brumus in our lives and expect that our best days are just up ahead?



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