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Will You Give 10 Hours to an Auto Tech Student? [RR 823]
Episode 82314th February 2023 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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How can 10 hours bridge the gap between the classroom and the workplace? Sue Dickson created an internship program called 'Give Me 10' that provides 10 hours at a local shop spread out over 5 days. It allows both the shop owner and student to see if the automotive industry is the right career path. This program currently serves 75 students and has collected over 458K in grants. It starts with an idea and passion for connecting students to the automotive industry.

Sue Dickson, Closs Tire & Auto Repair Inc, Waukegan, IL

Ken Mall, Managing Director, EDSI (Educational Data Systems INC)

Jack Wilson, Automotive Service Instructor, Lake County Tech Campus

Show Notes
  • “Give Me 10” Internship Program – Sue Dickson [RR 689]:
  • "Mission: To provide a work-based learning model that any industry can utilize to bridge the skills gap. Combining classroom instruction with on the job work based learning opportunities. This program integrates the classroom with employers to create an introduction to a career path of the student's choice." 
  • "What Our Program Provides: The program simplifies the relationship between an industry lead business and vocational education that can lead into a career path. We ask for no money. Our “ask” is for your time. Time to integrate a student into your business to create a career fit. It starts with 10 hours and can grow into a new employee. Can you “Give Me Ten?”"
  • Started 5 years ago-serviced 75 students, in 17 different shops, collected 450K in grand money that goes directly to students. Perkins Grants and Perkins are national grants. 
  • You need a dedicated instructor that believes in work-based learning
  • Students don’t know what they don’t know
  • Bridge from the classroom into the workplace
  • Partnering with local independent shops, and all businesses in all industries
  • Goal is to create this seamless pipeline system from the school to the workplaces
  • It gives the shop the opportunity to try that student on for size to look at their soft skills versus their hard skills
  • "We want to be stronger in numbers than the dealership."
  • “Give Me 10” Internship Program- 10 hours broken up 2 hours for 5 days. Job shadowing 2 hours the first day, after that they will be working for the remaining 8 hours. The whole concept of the student starts off if with everything from a tour to introductions, to safety. Depending upon what the business does say in a traditional shop, they could spend one day with a tech, one day with a service writer, one day in parts etc. Each day they see something a little bit different.
  • Community awareness- “Tech Campus Intern” on the storefront with sticker
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