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Real Life Weight Loss - Corey Little EPISODE 34, 20th April 2020
Lose Weight and Love The Process By Balancing These Two Things
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Lose Weight and Love The Process By Balancing These Two Things

Corey Little, your real-life, donut-loving fitness coach, talks about balance in this new podcast episode, the secret to almost anything we want in life including weight loss.

Now what do you need to balance to lose weight and love the process?

This Real Life Weight Loss chapter will get you to love your weight-loss journey and maybe even transform your lifestyle! It can and will totally make or break your entire weight loss and health journey. But here’s the crazy part – most people don’t even know this concept exists. 

You’re going back and forth between two extremes and probably don’t even realize it. But don’t worry, you MUST have both if you want to succeed long-term and the key to success is barely tilting the balance in our favor.

Here’s a sneak peek of the tips this podcast post has in store for you…

  • Quit the take-action-at-all-costs mentality
  • Giving yourself a little break
  • Stop thinking and overanalyzing
  • Take action whether you FEEL like it or not

So tune in! Corey will help you figure out which extreme you naturally lean to and how to keep you on track towards reaching your fitness and weight-loss goals.

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