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Episode 3429th March 2021 • The Shop and Chivalry Podcast • Brian Belford
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Everyone welcome back to another episode highlighting the star-studded talent in Ocean Springs. Today I talk with a legend of public office in the City of Discovery. Fred “Chic” Cody, is running as a mayor for Ocean Springs. He’s been a faithful servant to this city for about a quarter century. He’s served alongside like-minded peers and mayors and those not-so like-minded. He was part of the administration which converted the downtown area into the tourist draw that has been award winning and inviting to so many people. He’s been a part of the community wishing to proliferate the arts and culture scene. Chic is a republican, but his forward thinking perspective is anything but conservative (in the a-political sense).


Chic has vision for Ocean Springs which seeks to capitalize on current and future growth. He seeks to bring clean industry here which will benefit the entire coast. He has ideas to promote free enterprise in East Ocean Springs as well as downtown.


That’s the benefit of a man who has served for so long. He has experience across the continuum of time. He’s seen good policy and bad policy. Those are vectors towards the right policies—policies grounded in relevance and predictability of outcomes.

I enjoyed sitting down with Chic. He’s a wonderful guy with a great perspective on this city and her future. Everyone, please welcome, Fred “Chic” Cody




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