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Episode 9613th September 2022 • Inside Crypto •
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Hey Solanians….. How are you? The merge has had an effect on pretty much everything including Solana... This is the tenth episode  of our SOLI focused segment of the Inside Crypto podcast. In this series we plan to cover the latest news regarding the constituents of our Solana Ecosystem Index. They are Serum, mSOL and MNDE, Raydium, Orca, Solend, UXP, Mango, Tulip and Aldrin. This episode was recorded on September 12th 2022. 

The first thing we will always dive into, is the price action of the week and then go through any major news items with regards to the constituents.... Today we discuss how instant liquid unstaking is changing the game and recap Solend in August…this and many more stories on today’s episode.

I have to mention that nothing in this episode constitutes financial advice. Please do your own research. Anything said here is my own opinion and not to be connected with my employer. But I am forever grateful to them for helping make this podcast a reality so please do check out our website and tokens we offer at

Thanks everyone for listening and don’t forget to tune in next week where we help you to get to grips with what is going on in the Solana Ecosystem. 

News Covered Today:

SOLI Price Action

Solana TVL - DefiLlama

Top Projects Building on Solana in 2022 - Bitcoin Market Journal

Marinade Instant Unstaking

Marinade Gauge Summary

Raydium Holders

Solend August 2022 Review

Announcing Wave 1 of the Whirlpools Builders Program! | by Orca | Orca | Sep, 2022 | Medium

UXD and Credora Partnership

Meet Tulip in Canada

Mango Security Audit

Aldrin Recap

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