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Couple Collective - Emily Mieko Lewis & Julian A. Lewis II EPISODE 15, 28th October 2019
015: A couple who goes from puppy love to forever love together - Alyssa & Ryan
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015: A couple who goes from puppy love to forever love together - Alyssa & Ryan

On this episode of Couple Collective, I had the pleasure to chat with a couple that has been together since 6th grade, Alyssa and Ryan. Not only have they been homies with Emily since elementary school, they have become a couple Em and I love to spend time with. Alyssa and Ryan had that instant puppy love from youth; they were separated in high-school and college but have back together for some time, recently getting engaged! Tune in to learn how they communicate effectively and powered through obstacles with the weight of their joint friends and close knit families on their shoulders.

If you are interested in a particular topic we discussed, below I’ve included time stamps that you can click on to jump ahead (only on Spotify)

  • (05:27) - “I honestly was on one path she was on her own and no way that I think that our journeys would reconnect”
  • (11:38) - Fast forward to the last 7 years, how has the relationship evolved to engagement point?
  • (16:40) - How do you guys deal through tough times or when having those tough conversations? - “Always trying to be honest whenever that communication happens”.
  • (25:17) - On wedding planning: "Make sure you’re happy doing it. The process can be a struggle but, you know, love the struggle”.
  • (30:14) - What you've love to earn from other couples

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