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Sherita Herring: The Philanthropist Following Her Creative Instincts
Episode 20424th January 2023 • Not Real Art • Crewest Studio
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Have you ever felt compelled to put your artistic calling on hold when there are bills to pay and mouths to feed? Sometimes life’s day-to-day responsibilities keep us from realizing our true creative potential. That was the case for Sherita Herring, an artist, philanthropist, and single mother who pushed her artistic dreams to the back burner in order to raise her two sons.

Today, host and NOT REAL ART founder Scott “Sourdough” Power sits down with Sherita and her son Crushow Herring, aka ShowzArt, to discuss the duo’s powerful creative collaboration. A former guest on the NOT REAL ART podcast, Crushow is an artist, activist, and community organizer who works to uplift LA’s unsheltered population. “Art took me off the streets,” he shares with us. “I felt like it could take [my mom] out of what she was in. I’m honored and there is just so much joy and pleasure to do [this] for her.” 

In today’s episode, you’ll learn more about Sherita’s inaugural solo exhibition, Beverly Hills to Barnyard, which features more than 30 original artworks from the artist. Curated by the mother and son team, the event takes place at the Brewery Artist Lofts in downtown LA, with all proceeds going to Sherita’s non-profit organization, the Philanthropy Alliance Foundation. Working in collaboration with each other, Sherita and Crushow are dedicated to the growth and prosperity of those struggling in their community. 

Her advice for artists at the beginning of their creative journey? “Follow your inner gut,” she advises. “Continue to do what you love and all of it will lead you to the path that is best for you. That’s how I ended up here.” Tune in to today’s compelling episode with Sherita and Crushow Herring to find out how instinct can lead you to a more creative place.

On Today’s Podcast Episode

Sherita and Crushow Herring discuss…

  • Their excitement over Sherita’s inaugural solo exhibition, Beverly Hills to Barnyard
  • The correlation between Sherita’s work as a business coach and her work as an artist
  • Why doing what you love is like having “shock absorbers” for life’s bumpy road
  • Their belief that our journey always leads us to what truly feeds our soul
  • The different ways that each and every one of us is an artist at heart
  • How government-funded programs can improve education, health, and community
  • The importance of creating your own narrative in life
  • How the two view Sherita’s role as both an artist and mother
  • The uplifting message they hope viewers will take from their work

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