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When Football Was Football - Sports History Network EPISODE 17, 4th January 2021
Five Unusual Historic Tales About the Chicago Cardinals
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Five Unusual Historic Tales About the Chicago Cardinals

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When a team like the Cardinals has been around for over 120 years, we tend to find some unusual stories and circumstances about that team. While we are all aware of how the club has called three major cities home during its lifetime, and captured NFL championships in 1925 and 1947, we’ll dive a bit deeper today on “When Football Was Football” to share five of those odd--or unknown—stories. We’ll start with one of the strangest names ever for a pro football team!

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Each episode takes the listener back to the very early days of the National Football League. Author Joe Ziemba will share a forgotten or lost story from one of the NFL’s two oldest teams: The Bears and the Cardinals. Team championships, individual exploits, or long-buried items of interest from the earliest years of the NFL will be dusted off and resurrected for the listener. Not for the football faint-of-heart since these programs will document when the struggling Bears nearly went out of business or when Cardinals’ players earned $15 a game and were proud of it! It’s NFL history—with a twist!. See Joe's books below.

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