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#8 - Gabby Hughes, People Program Manager at Gong
12th May 2020 • The WFH Show • Kudos
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Nikki’s guest is Gabby Hughes, People Program Manager at Gong, makers of “Revenue Intelligence” software.  Gabby has helped to establish a range of virtual events for Gong, from workouts with trainers to mediation sessions to events for kids of parents working at home to virtual happy hour with activities.  Gabby and her team also look for ways to give back, including volunteering to send letters to people and inviting out-of-work people to Gong activities. Tech-wise, Gabby recommends Donut, which enables random coffee dates with team members you might not know very well (yet), and Guru which is like an internal wiki with all kinds of information about Gong, including WFH resources.  

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