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Everything About Hydrogen - Hydrogen Media Ltd EPISODE 15, 6th April 2021
Supplying the building blocks of an energy revolution - Sam French of Johnson Matthey
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Supplying the building blocks of an energy revolution - Sam French of Johnson Matthey

Johnson Matthey is a leading manufacturer and supplier to the global chemical industry. The company's products and components sit at the heart of major industrial, manufacturing, and energy production projects all over the world and they have long been involved in the hydrogen sector. Today JM is one of the most influential companies working to decarbonize the UK economy with central roles in major blue hydrogen projects like HyNet and Acorn. On this episode of Everything About Hydrogen, the team is joined by Sam French, Business Development Director at JM, who spent some time speaking with us about the transition from grey hydrogen to low-carbon generation technologies and what steps the UK - and countries all over the world - to use hydrogen as part of the pathway to a sustainable energy future.

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