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Episode 825th November 2020 • Craft of Code • Linode
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In this episode, we discuss K-12 online learning tools with CTO Leo Cunha and CEO Keith Kostrzewski of Curriki.

Online learning tools are often fragmented and expensive. Budget-conscious schools and districts became very aware of this during the global pandemic. Enter open-source education advocate, Curriki.

Emerging from a goodwill project from Sun Microsystems back in 2007, Curriki was well placed to create to take advantage of this gap in the market.

CTO Leo Cunha also saw an opportunity to deliver high-quality, immersive education cohesively and efficiently but that was also easy to use and quick to learn. Curriki also expanded its mission to include the development of CurrikiStudio, the first free and open digital authoring and publishing tool.

Both Leo and Curriki had used Linode before, but could a new relationship with Linode help Curriki achieve their extensive goals?

Find out, as Leo and Keith join me to discuss their passion for open-source, easy to use, and low-cost learning tools and their relationship with Linode.

In this episode, we discussed:

  • How Curriki sets itself apart in the digital learning landscape
  • Curriki’s passion for open source
  • How Linode supports their goals of providing efficient and low-cost solutions
  • How scaling CurrikiStudio was made possible with Linode services
  • What CEO Keith Kostrzewski values most in his relationship with Linode

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