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Holistic Bitches Episode 26 | The Truth About Silver: Everything You Need To Know
31st August 2022 • Holistic Bitches Unfiltered • Lesley Rubinoff
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The one thing every home needs for 101 reasons is Sturctrued pH Balanced Silver.

This episode was intended to debunk and educate you on what structured silver is. I promise you, you won't turn blue! Not all products are created equally.

The Blend Wellness pH-balanced Alkaline Structured Silver is a unique silver that is pH balanced to an Alkalinity level of 7.4 or higher. Our bodies are designed to be the best functioning in an alkaline state, and many studies show that bad bacteria and yeast cannot flourish when the body is alkaline.

Historically, one of the concerns with silver products was the fact that the silver molecules could fall out of suspension and settle to the bottom of the bottle. This is concerning as if the silver molecules fall out of suspension in the bottle, they could also fall out of suspension in the body. We solved this problem by bonding silver molecules to structured water at a specific energetic frequency that will not separate or settle to the bottom of the bottle. This pH-balanced Structured silver will not metabolize or build up in the body.

A new product announcement leaked in the episode as well!

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