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S2 Ep5: Eco: How to Onboard The Next Billion Crypto Users with Andy Bromberg, CEO
Episode 530th May 2022 • Just Raised • Joe Sweeny, a Workweek friend
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How do you bring in the next generation of crypto users? You create your own currency.

Most fintech companies are skimming from customers when it comes to saving and investing but the Eco platform is different. By making spending, saving and investing easy, without the skim, it’s turning traditional finance on its head. And it’s doing that through Eco Points, a rewards currency for the Eco community.

Joe brings back Andy, getting into how he got started in Crypto way back in 2014, the launch of the Stanford Bitcoin Club, and his recent raises of $25m and $60m.

You’ll also hear Andy talking about stable coins, what it’s really like creating a new currency, and why it’s on course to be a major disruptor.

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