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A new kind of cardiologist talks tests and procedures you don't need
Episode 11325th January 2024 • Rebellious Wellness Over 50 • Gregory Anne Cox
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Dr. Jack Wolfson and I had a great conversation because he was open to any and all questions. We covered a lot of ground but basically it's this: The Truth About Heart Health and Avoiding Unnecessary Procedures.

You'll learn how Dr. Wolfson shifted from Western medicine to a holistic approach focused on avoiding unnecessary procedures as we age. His philosophy on how to do this is summed up the foundation of treating patients.

"Eat well. Live well. Think well." And in the case of a doc like Jack, you might need to change your thinking to thinking well. First believe you can be healthy without medication and unnecessary procedures and then believe that this way of practicing medicine is sound, safe, and science based.

You'll learn which medical procedures may be superfluous for anyone but especially older adults as we are the ones western medicine and big phara target, and why some treatments might not affect your health positively after reaching certain milestones.

Hear about his transition from mainstream medicine after an impactful personal experience that led him to practice as what he calls a "natural heart doctor." And his idea of a 100 year heart.

Of course we covered one of my favorite topics, cholesterol. Dr. Wolfson shares why it's important, common misconceptions, and how it should be managed according to holistic principles.

Get clarity on commonly prescribed medications like blood pressure drugs and statins—their necessity, risks involved, and potential side effects that are often overlooked.

Find out which diagnostic tests might be unnecessary or even harmful, such as routine stress tests or CT scans for calcium scoring—and learn safer alternatives.

Understand the connection between diet choices (including sugar intake) and their impact on markers like triglycerides in relation to cardiovascular wellness.

This enlightening discussion emphasizes the importance of addressing root causes rather than just symptoms when it comes to heart health—an approach that could revolutionize our understanding of aging well beyond 50!

His learning center has tons of articles on heart related health, new ideas in medicine and more.

Book a free discovery call. Dr. Wolfson and staff work virtually and are one of the early adopters of telemedicine.



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