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The declining impact MLB has had on society and lack of cross over superstar. Who really broke up the Chicago Bulls dynasty? Am I the only one with MJ fatigue?
24th May 2020 • Wendell's World & Sports • Wendell Wallace: Sports talk radio host and broadcaster
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Without sports, MLB has a great opportunity to do something it has rarely done over the past 40 years...Lead the nation by example and make an impact on society, Will greed, arrogance and selfish ruin that opportunity? What has happen to the sport that once was a fabric of our country, and was a treasure and shining example to the world of how proud we were this was the, "American pastime"? Update on the progress the NBA is making and what will happen with college football. More discussion of the Last Dance. Who shoulders the majority of blame for ending the dynasty? Are you as tired hearing about MJ as I am?

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