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116 - From Personal Struggles to Business Success - Mark de Grasse's Journey
27th June 2024 • Leaders & Legacies • Craig Andrews
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Mark de Grasse shares his transformative journey of self-discovery and business innovation. Mark, founder of AI Branding Academy, discusses how his quest for personal fulfillment and clarity has shaped his leadership style. He reveals that his son, Damian, who has severe autism, has been a significant driver behind his transformation.

Mark talks about the challenges and joys of raising an autistic child and how it has influenced his perspective on life and business. He emphasizes the role of AI in modern business, explaining how it can centralize decision-making and ensure consistency in brand messaging and operations. According to Mark, AI allows businesses to avoid the pitfalls of inconsistent practices and streamline their processes. His dedication to clarity and purpose in leadership offers valuable insights for business owners and marketers.

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