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Badass Asian Dudes Create Confidence Through Perseverance (ft. Nikil Viswanathan, CEO of Alchemy)
Episode 324th November 2020 • Badass Asian Dudes • Badass Asian Dudes
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Michael and Seibo talk with Nikil Viswanathan, co-founder and CEO of Alchemy, the world's leading blockchain developer platform powering over $7.5 billion dollars in transactions in 99% of the countries in the world.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • [05:12] How Down To Lunch was born
  • [12:01] How Nikil became a high-performer
  • [13:10] How he maintains health as a startup founder
  • [16:15] His cultural upbringing with East and South Asians
  • [21:15] Getting to know Nikil with rapid-fire questions
  • [31:10] How he worked through obstacles as a startup founder
  • [38:17] How he had the confidence to get investors to believe in his team
  • [42:08] Something Nikil's still struggling is work-life balance as an entrepreneur

Learn more about Alchemy:

Connect with Nikil at and @nikilster on Instagram / Twitter.


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