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Comfortable Can Be Limiting - Blaine Bertsch
3rd May 2021 • Micro Success Secrets • Tad Stephens
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00:02:14 I look forward to a flaw

00:03:25 comfortable can be limiting

00:04:02 two points why I sold my business

00:05:09 opportunity to go

00:05:24 How it turned into dry run

00:06:28 a lot of innovation will come out

00:07:53 creativity to me

00:10:07 I started reaching out to people (on how to unstuck)

00:11:27 now it's a business problem

00:11:30 Now I'm an entrepreneur

00:16:06 if you're in need of some help - reach out to their team

IG: @dryrun_com


Twitter: @mydryrun