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How to Set or Reset Business BOUNDARIES with Shamandrian Shankle
Episode 201st March 2022 • The Dreamer's Manual • Julie Calcote
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Do you ever feel burned out and stretched thin in your business because you are trying to do all the things and be all things to all people? My guest today is ready to chat about getting you back on track! Shamandrian Shankle is the Owner of Handle It Solutions and Services, a Certified OBM, Consultant, and speaker. She’s also the founder of The Handle It Business Lounge for Christian Women Entrepreneurs and seeks to empower women around the world to handle business and life in harmony.

Beyond getting systems in place to help your business run smoothly, do you also need a push to get the rest of your life on track too? Entrepreneurs are not one thing, we are business owners with 3 dimensions; we have families, interests and hobbies, competing priorities, and maybe even other jobs that deserve our care and energy too! This episode is for YOU if you ever struggle with setting boundaries in your business, and you’re ready for a little Come to Jesus conversation about taking time back in your business so YOU can thrive!

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 Highlights from this Episode

  • How she helps women, take their time back, be present, and implement processes to create a legacy business

  • Getting clear on your vision and what’s aligned with what you really want so we can set some strong boundaries

  • How she helps others operate their businesses around their lives not their lives around their businesses

  • Why business hours are vital for service providers to set boundaries, and prevent burnout and overwhelm.

  • Tricks. tools, and tech to help us set boundaries from the front end of our business, and help us on the backend so we build discipline for ourselves.

  • How to reset boundaries when we are falling off with our own discipline and willpower.

  • The kinds of questions and conversations you should be having to gauge the boundaries of the people you are working with whether they are hired by you or they are your client.

  • Letting go of fear and recognizing you're worth while getting clear on what you want and how to get that through setting boundaries for yourself and others.