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Choosing Wellness Over Excuses! with Jasmine Hall El
Episode 813th December 2021 • Legacy Of Wellness Podcast • LaKeisha Entsuah
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In today’s podcast episode, our guest Jasmine Hall El discusses some of the common mental roadblocks that keep us from achieving our health & wellness goals! Jasmine also teaches us how to kick generational bad habits to the curb by being intentional with our nutritional habits and self care routine!

Guest Biography

As a Certified Personal Trainer and Holistic Nutritionist with a Corrective Exercise Specialty, she is well-equipped to transform your entire journey. After leaving her aluma mater, UNC- Chapel Hill with a BS in Exercise Sports Science and Nutrition, she began her family. A mother of three strapping young men, not only does she understand the struggle of work life balance, but she has experienced the challenge first hand (three times to be exact) with reclaiming a better version of herself. Her journey began with helping mothers reclaim their pre-partum identities; however as her popularity spread men found value in her expertise as well! 

Podcast Takeaways:

  • Well Beauty Tip of the Week: You are worth the investment! We give so much of our energy and time to others. We must remember that we also deserve time, money, energy, and thought invested into ourselves. 
  • In today’s society, it can be difficult to maintain balance within our daily schedules. Common challenges include difficulty with maintaining time boundaries for work life, home responsibilities, and self care.
  • There is a common misconception that as a mother, you should put everyone first before yourself! It is important to understand that you can not offer the best version for anyone else if youre not the best for yourself. This is why we must make time for self care!
  • To start setting boundaries, you must begin with time management. Schedule time for yourself on your calendar. Treat everything on your calendar as a non-negotiable. Schedule time for all tasks by recognizing what's important to you. Hold yourself accountable for sticking to your schedule. 
  • Common mental roadblocks include the feeling of failure because of unrealistic expectations. Change your attitude of what you can achieve, and believe that you're going to reach your goals! 
  • Include positive affirmations into your daily routine!
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