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The Most Common Reasons Many Podcasters Have Not Monetized & How to Fix It!
Episode 1314th July 2020 • Podcast Monetization Secrets • Christy Haussler
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"Ye have not because ye ask not!" This Bible verse was one I learned as a child. It relates to today's topic perfectly. The majority of podcasts in the Apple Podcast directory are NOT monetized.

Why are podcasters not monetizing their show? Well, to say it's complicated is an understatement, but the most glaring reason is that most podcasters aren't selling anything - not their services, not products, not their ideas, not their time, nothing. There is no opportunity for many podcast listeners to take the next step with the podcast host.

In order to monetize you MUST sell something. Figuring out what to sell is a matter of trying to productize as many offerings as you can to serve your audience.

Listen in to today's episode as Christy shares ideas to get your offerings productized and ready to sell to your audience.

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