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What You Need To Know About Personal Brands with Bob Gentle
17th October 2022 • Marketing Wins • Valerie Morris
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In this episode you will learn:

  • What is personal branding.
  • Personal branding for executives vs. entrepreneurs.
  • How to become know for the right things.
  • Understanding your zone of genius.
  • How to stay top of mind with people.
  • The impact of the pandemic on personal brands.
  • The type of personalities that are more visible online.
  • Challenges that introverts face when trying to build a personal brand online.
  • How introverts can overcome those challenges. 
  • Top trends in personal branding today.
  • How businesses have become more global in recent years as a result of the push towards virtual communication.
  • How to show up online and take advantage of global opportunities.
  • How to pivot from being ordinary to getting extraordinary results.
  • How baby steps can help you accomplish big goals.
  • The importance of having courage to take action.
  • Bob’s advice for young professionals.
  • How to allow people who like you to actually find you.
  • Bob’s book recommendations.
  • How to separate the work of showing up from your own identity.
  • Bob’s advice on how to get your next marketing for your personal brand.
  • Why it is more efficient to invest in personal brands than corporate ones.
  • The difference between marketing your business and presenting your business.
  • How leaders can encourage people in their organization to be more visible online.
  • Things that leaders should delegate versus things that they should do themselves on LinkedIn.
  • Moving from a connections mindset to an audience mindset. 
  • How you can curate your audience on LinkedIn.
  • The biggest mistake that people make on LinkedIn.
  • How to focus on being a creator along side of having a network.
  • The power of social relationships.
  • The value of genuine interactions on social media.
  • The most important function of marketing.
  • The types of things that you should share in order to connect better with people.
  • The dancer with personal branding.
  • Bob’s personal brand roadmap.

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