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How Linode Helps FireServiceRota Keep Communities Safer
Episode 1011th February 2022 • Craft of Code • Linode
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In the world of firefighting, minutes and seconds make all the difference. And yet most fire stations rely on antiquated, slow systems.

In 2014, Cor Klaasse Bos and Ruben Stranders founded FireServiceRota – a solution that helps fire stations manage the availability of their workers and volunteers more efficiently. FireServiceRota is currently expanding and has already won a number of tenders in the UK and beyond.

Ruben, Co-Founder and CTO, joined this episode of the Craft of Code podcast to share how the company started, what it looked like in the early days, and why they decided to start again and rebuild a more efficient solution with Linode’s help.

Tune in to hear how Linode lends its reliability and performance to a solution that prioritizes public service.

In this episode, we discussed:

  • How the idea behind FireServiceRota was born
  • How FireServiceRota replaced an inefficient system used by fire stations
  • Why Ruben and his team started again from scratch
  • How Linode helps keep FireServiceRota reliable
  • How NodeBalancers helps to boost availability
  • Managing scaling availability based on demand fluctuations
  • The plans to roll out FireServiceRota in the US as well as Europe

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