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Mindfulness: Beyond the Buzzword
Episode 1110th November 2021 • Voices of Compassion • CHC
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It seems like everyone is talking about mindfulness these days. A quick Google search results in 9 Ways to Practice Mindfulness, 16 Types of Meditation and 28 Ways to Practice Mindfulness for Beginners. There is so much out there. So what is mindfulness, really, and does it even make a difference? Do I have to empty my head of all my thoughts, and sit cross-legged on the floor in a zen-like state? Listen in to this podcast episode as we talk with Jennifer Salomon, Occupational Therapist at CHC about the physiology of mindfulness and practical ways to be more present (even for skeptics). Because “as soon as we tune in and recognize that we're not being mindful, we're already being mindful.” Download this episode today!


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