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Artificial Intelligence for a Better Today with Julianna Ormond | Follow the Wolf Podcast #8
Episode 816th June 2021 • Follow The Wolf Podcast • Wolf Castillo
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Julianna Ormond is CEO, co-creator, and Chief Visionary for Sherloc™, a leading artificial intelligence, and competitive intelligence firm, and co-founder of The Lab Orlando, a resource center for teens, entrepreneurs, young professionals, and career builders. The center is designed as a hub for training and education with a mission to improve socioeconomic status, drive economic development, create jobs, and a vibrant tax base. The Lab Orlando is a strategic hub for residents searching for professional development and career advancement.

 In my experience, Julianna Ormond is, amongst other things, a visionary pioneer and one the most loving and extraordinary human beings I have ever come across. She, along with her team & community, are doing incredible work using artificial intelligence to gather information that can be used to positively impact the lives of people, especially youth, in the Central Florida area and beyond. We talk about empowering people to realize their zone of genius, empowering children, and how artificial intelligence can be used to bring more LOVE into our local communities and beyond.

Much love and peace be with you.


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