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8. Breaking Business Barriers: IT Challenges are Stalling Your Business Growth
Episode 817th May 2023 • Dollars and Data: Smart Solutions For Business • William Cole Smith
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How do you feel when you put your car keys in the ignition and your car won't start? It's frustrating, right? Your IT business setup – from your WiFi network settings to your office printer, and from your email passwords to your cloud-based accounting packages –  all needs to work seamlessly so that you can get on and do your job. 

And your job as a business owner is to drive the car. You want to focus on the things that you love doing, like growing the business. But in a world with increased cyber security risks, and lots of moving parts when it comes to your IT infrastructure, consideration needs to be given to the right IT-managed approach.

Do you have someone in-house do it? Do you outsource it to professionals, known as MSPs (Managed Service Providers)? When did you last backup your data, and do you understand your cloud solutions? 

Coleman is breaking down the IT-managed benefits and the costs, as we consider an IT strategy that will ultimately save us time and money. As always, Coleman’s advice is on the money. Meaning that, with Dollars & Data, he's got your pocket and potential as a small business owner in mind. Please join us. 

"Everyone should put an IT strategy in place." ~ Coleman Smith

In This Episode:

- What does IT networking/MSP involve?

- What are the benefits of managed IT services?

- What common IT issues are you dealing with as a business owner?

- Where are your IT threats most likely to come from? 

- When did you last backup your data? 

- Unpacking some of Coleman's cost-saving recommendations

- What IT strategy should you consider? 

- Understanding cyber security and a global future

And so much more!

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