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Episode 54: Moving Mountains En Route To Presidents Club with Meghann Misiak
Episode 5414th May 2022 • Revenue Real Hotline • Amy Hrehovcik
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You won’t like this episode, friend. We do not break down the path to mastery and elite selling. You won’t like the insider peek into a conversation with my great friend Meghann Misiak – founder and CEO at – one of the most talented and competent enterprise sales enablers I know. 

  • Who is Meghann Misiak? (04:04)
  • How to identify skill gaps? (06:23)
  • Can we beef up the business acumen please? (10:22)
  • What is the one skill that has the biggest impact at every stage in the sales process?  (11:37)
  • What Are Your Client’s Value Drivers? Meg’s exercise. (14:52)
  • It’s not about your client’s immediate pains & gains. What happens when we play the long game instead? (16:19)
  • Selling While Woman
  • Equal Opportunity Harm-Dishers Across Sales (20:22)

Resources mentioned:

  • The 80/20 episode (09:11)
  • Jason Bay episode (early) (19:00)
  • Jeff Bajorek Does Discovery episode (19:00)