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Trailer9th March 2022 • Life after GDPR • Rick Dronkers
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In the life after GDPR podcast, we discuss digital marketing in a post GDPR world.

As digital marketers, we've been focused on gathering more and more data to improve the digital experiences we create and optimize the algorithms we use to reach our audiences.

In our enthusiasm. We might've forgotten about privacy.

Now a paradigm shift is upon us. Our beloved tools and techniques are under siege from legislature like the European GDPR and privacy-enhancing browser techniques like Apple's intelligent tracking prevention.

But instead of whining about these changes, let's focus on what we can do.

In this podcast, we will explore the changes ahead of us by interviewing privacy experts, digital marketing practitioners, and software developers that are all working in this space.

I'll be your host, Rick Dronkers and I've been helping companies capture digital marketing data for the last 13 years, implementing many analytics scripts and advertising pixels along the way.

Over the last three years, I've been doing this as an entrepreneur with my company Data to Value, where we help companies during their marketing data, into business value.

Because of our position as measurement specialists, the topic of privacy has always popped up, but has always been very complicated to help clients with.

This podcast is essentially our way of learning and sharing our learnings with you, the listener, as we go. If you want to learn more about this podcast or any specific episode, please visit and subscribe to our email updates so you won't miss a thing.

Now let's dive in.