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S3 | Ep 11 | The Steps to Fast and Sustainable Commercial Impact with Data & AI with Cornelia Schaurecker, Global Group Director AI & Big Data at Vodafone
Episode 1117th January 2023 • Driven by Data: The Podcast • Orbition Group
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In Episode 11 of Season 3, of Driven By Data: The Podcast, Kyle Winterbottom is joined by Cornelia Schaurecker, Global Group Director AI & Big Data at Vodafone, where they discuss how to create commercial impact quickly and sustainably with Data and AI, which includes; 

  • Why it's all about people
  • The benefits of reporting to a commercial leader
  • How they've delivered several hundred data-driven solutions/use cases
  • The driver to build once and deploy to many
  • The starting point to ensure you’re creating commercial impact
  • Why it’s imperative not to boil the ocean and how to prioritise to pick the right bets
  • The importance of answering the right questions
  • Why a good use case is one that scales
  • The importance of time to market, speed and scale
  • The tools and tech they’ve built to address the scale and speed challenges
  • Why you need more than just tech/tool to create scalable solutions
  • The role of automation in scale
  • How to use measurements to build transparency
  • The steps taken in building a high-performance team
  • Why the quality of your data assets plays a role in attracting talent
  • Why “social good” helps to attract talent
  • How to ensure that your data team’s work is visible, valuable and impactful
  • How they created a menu by building a use-case library with all of their data assets
  • Their "AI Everywhere" Strategy
  • Their journey to 1:1 personalisation
  • Creating an AI Ethics policy
  • The 3 components of driving a data culture