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Caring For Carers – Episode 3 – Carer of Many: Sharon Gavioli
26th September 2018 • Parents At Work Podcast • Parents At Work
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Carer of Many: The inspiring story of one ‘burnt-out to thriving’ carer.

In this episode, Sharon Gavioli shares her story of how she turned her caring journey into somewhat of a celebration of herself.

If there were ever an award for ‘Caring’ Sharon Gavioli is one woman that would have a good chance of winning. Sharon is a mother of 7 has a close relationship with her husband who she has been married to for 39 years. She’s a registered nurse, adult educator, counsellor and now manages a team of 17. She also supports businesses to implement healthcare-related strategies to better serve organisations and their employees.

And so, with this monumental wealth of experience in caring for others we thought she was just the person to speak to about just how she does it.

But it hasn’t all been smooth sailing, as Sharon shares.

Find out how she turned her caring journey around from one that was draining her physically and mentally to being one that is enriching and more productive than ever.