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Episode 64 - Ezzeldin Tahoun - Co-Founder & CEO
Episode 646th March 2024 • Cyber Inspiration • Evgeniy Kharam and Security Architecture
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In this episode of the Cyber Inspiration Podcast, the host, Evgeny Kharam, a cybersecurity veteran, speaks to Co-Founder & CEO Ezzeldin Tahoun from Cypienta.

The discussion revolves around the startup journey of the cybersecurity company Cypienta. The podcast spotlights the company's evolution which involved pivoting their focus towards solving more significant issues. The guest also talks about the challenges and rewards of leadership in a start-up and the importance of getting the right team.

Ezz emphasizes the idea of playing to strengths while reflecting on their shift from being tech-driven to incorporating sales strategies into their business model. He shares various instances of learning from failures and breaks down the concept of how being a bottleneck can impact growth, emphasizing the significance of work-life balance.




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