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Sam - Friendship Etiquette (Episode 8)
Episode 82nd March 2021 • Nickel for Your Thoughts • P2C-S Podcast Network
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In this final Nickel for Your Thoughts episodes, the co-hosts ask: How we relate to each other has morphed with the advent of smartphones, social media and the like. But what about those unspoken social expectations that we have? Cancelling plans, texting while socializing, leaving someone on ‘read’ ... are these things rude, or are we just being uptight? 

New (and final!) episode of Nickel for Your Thoughts (recorded in July 2020) now available. Listen wherever you find podcasts.

Produced by Laura Saad and Tiffany Lou-Hing. Sound & Editing by Laura Saad. Check us out at @p2cspods on Instagram for other great podcasts now that we’ve shared all our nickel-worthy thoughts for now.