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Changing Your Perspective through Co-Creating, Treats, and Magic Mindset Coaching with Natalie Miller
Episode 43rd January 2024 • Her Story So Far • Lesley Whitehead
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I am thrilled to be co-creating my first episode of 2024 with my friend, coach, and girl crush Natalie Miller! I first met Natalie when she was coaching in a group setting, and I was instantly hooked. I’ve worked with Natalie as an insightful coach, a brilliant retreat organizer, and a stunning photographic subject. I’m always blown away by the wisdom and energy she brings to everything she does, and this conversation is no exception. We talk in detail about everything she offers to the world, and how she fills her work with magic.  

About My Guest

Natalie Miller is a feminist mindset coach for creatives and entrepreneurs. She writes podcasts, knits, cooks, and mothers two teen girls, two naughty dogs, and a jungle of plants. Natalie loves discovering that wisdom is equal parts knowing a lot and accepting that we know very, very little.  


Natalie’s podcast Mind Witchery is at, or wherever you listen to podcasts. You can learn more about her coaching and sign up for the Sunday Letter at, and get a Time Witchery anti-planner at 

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About Me

I’m Lesley Whitehead, artist, photographer, and multi-passionate marketer. You can find me and my work at 

About The Show

Her Story So Far is edited by K.O. Myers at Particulate Media 

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