4 content ideas for September (inspired by awareness days)
Episode 1965th September 2022 • The Courageous CEO • Janet Murray
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Need some content ideas for September? 

In this episode of the Courageous Content Podcast, I’ll share four ready-to-go content ideas for September. Use them as inspiration for social media posts, blogs, newsletters, podcasts…whatever content you create to promote your business. 

You can listen to the podcast or read the blog version below. 

Here’s the awareness days I cover: 

  • Be Late For Something Day (September 5) 
  • Make Your Bed Day (September 11) 
  • World Gratitude Day (September 21) 
  • International Podcast Day (September 30)

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Do you need some content ideas for September? Well, you are in luck. I'm Janet Murray. I'm the creator of the courageous content planner and a whole host of content kits that will save you time and trouble in your business. In this episode, it's a courageous content podcast. I'll share for ready to go content ideas for September.

You can use them as inspiration for social media posts, blogs, newsletters, podcasts, whatever content you create to promote your business or brand. So first off, if you haven't yet listened to my episode on how to turn awareness, dayss into content without being cheesy cliched, or sounding talking everyone else online, then do go back and have a listen.

I will put a link in the show notes because I share three approaches. You can take to turning awareness dayss into content. So do have a listen if you haven't already. And here's a quick summary


just in. So the first way you can use awareness date is quite literally if it's international podcast day, one of the awareness days, I'll be talking about later in this podcast, then you can ask questions or share your thoughts on podcasting or your favorite podcast.

You can take it quite literally, but there may be awareness states that at first glance don't seem to have anything to do with your business. In those situations, you can take a more theme based approach or even a metaphorical approach. And don't worry. I will explain that as we go along, if you have micro, courageous content planner and content kit, you'll be familiar with the four stars of content I recommend for small businesses and brands.

If not, here's a quick summary. So first off there's news and trends, that's content that solves a problem or answers the question for your


ideal customers or clients, and it's timely and relevant at the time of publication. Then you've got inspire content, this type of content, reassures your customers or clients, and inspires them to take action, including buying your products or services, then you've got community content.

So this nurtures your relationship with your audience. It's about bringing them closer and often involves asking questions, starting conversations. Then you've got educate content, which again, solves your ideal customers or clients' problems answers their questions. The key difference between news and trends and educate is that educate content can be published anytime.

As long as it's relevant with news and trends, content, there needs to be a reason for publishing that content at a particular. So for example, this podcast episode is about content ideas for September. It wouldn't make very much sense for me to publish this


podcast episode in October. So we'll kick off with, be late for something day, which is September the fifth.

s that have an anniversary in:

And you could pick out films or books or TV shows that you missed the first time around. So to give you an example, friends, I didn't really watch friends when it came out in the nineties, to be honest, I didn't really get it, but I have rediscovered it later in life and love it, but it was definitely something I missed the first time around.

The trick with these types of posts to


encourage engagement is to always turn it back to your audience and ask them what films, TV shows, books, whatever it is that you choose. Did you miss the first time around? To create an inspire post from this day, you could share an inspiring story message or even, and be more quote about a lesson you learned too late, or give a reminder that it's not too late to learn the piano, start a business, or take up ice skating, whatever might be relevant to your business.

You could create a quick and engaging community post by simply asking your audience, what are you never late for? Or what are you always late for? And a way to make these kinds of posts more engaging, particularly in Facebook groups, for example, is to do that thing you can do on Facebook, where you can put a colored background behind your post.

You can just write something like I'm never


late for, and then put a line. So that shows your community members that you are asking them to fill in the gaps. Another quick tip for you here is if you are concerned that people won't respond. One thing that I sometimes do is to go into the comments and say, I'll go first.

And then I answer in the comments and that encourages other people to get involved in the conversation. Sharing tips or strategies on dealing with lateness could make a great educate piece of content as ever. The trick is always to try and find a business angle. So how to deal with late payers in your business, how to deal with colleagues who are always late, if you are the conductor of an orchestra, really random example, how to deal with musicians who always come in a few beats late, that's very specific and niche, but hopefully you get the idea.

Another take on this day


might be to create a post around the theme of better, late than never and offer support to your ideal customers or clients. September is often referred to as the second January of the year, because kids are going back to school. It can feel like a new start. People are getting back into their normal routine.

After the summer holidays, it was actually a great time to do special offers or discounts, or if you sell digital products. People are often wanting to get back into learning, taking up new hobbies or interests. So do bear that in mind too. Next up we've got, make your bed day, September the 11th. Now, if it's relevant, you can take this date really literally, and you can share advice and tips on sleep that are relevant to your audience.

So say for example, you are a fertility expert. You might create a post about whether sleep impacts your fertility or how


it impacts your fertility. This could work for either news and trends or educate content, but remember with news and trends, you either do need to be using the relevant hashtag or making it timely and seasonal.

So typically that would involve adding the month or the season. So, you know, ways to get more sleep in September. If you are a, and then you'd call out your ideal customer or client or ways to get more sleep in the autumn or something like that. Something that often happens in the auto is your sleep patterns change because it's either darker or lighter, depending on where you live in the world.

And that's something that could be turned into a sleep post. A more metaphorical approach might be to create content about issues. You shouldn't go to sleep on. And if you haven't heard that phrase, it's basically issues you shouldn't


ignore. So for example, and there are fill in the gaps templates for this kind of post in my curators kit, which goes alongside my courageous content planner.

So in insert number of things you mustn't ignore or go to sleep on, you don't even have to use that phrase, go to sleep on. If you don't want to, if you are a and then you would call out your ideal customer or client. So five issues you shouldn't go to sleep on. If you are a high school teacher, Working with children with autism warning signs.

You mustn't ignore if you are a high school teacher working with children with autism. So there's a couple of ideas for you. And a reminder if you've listened to any of my previous. Monthly idea episodes. You have heard me say this before, but awareness dates. Aren't a straight jacket. That mean that you have to always mention the date.

That's inspired your


post, that you can only use awareness days from the country where you live, or where that date originates from. You don't even have to mention the date at all. They can just be a springboard that just gets your brain going and gets the ideas flowing to create an inspire post for this date.

You could share an issue you went to sleep on and wish that you hadn't inspire content is about nurturing, building your relationship with your audience. So sharing personal stories and experiences, relatable ones can work really well for this type of content. Do remember though that sleep along with books, music, pets.

It's one of those topics that really fails to get engagement because most people have relatable opinions and experiences, and you don't always have to talk about business in your content. In fact, if you do, it can actually make you


seem very forgettable. It can be hard for people to relate to you. So there's absolutely no problem in now.

And again, or even more than now. And again, talking about things that don't have anything to do with your business. Simply asking people how much sleep they get, where they sleep, how they sleep, whether they use a sleep tracker they're all quick and easy ways to create community content, which is vital for building no like, and trust with your audience.

If you are not nurturing your audience, if they don't know, I can trust you, then they're not gonna buy it from. Next up, there's a world gratitude day, September the 21st, which also happens to be my birthday, which you really wanted to know. I'm sure but a really obvious post idea for me. And there are fill in the gaps templates for these types of posts for every single awareness date you can think of in the greatest kit that goes alongside my courageous content planet and content kit,


things to be grateful for in September.

So, this is one of the templates that's actually in the kit. So insert number things to be grateful for in insert months or season, if you are a call out your ideal customer or client. So for example, if you are a former teacher who provides resources for home educators, you might create news and transposed, that goes something like this three things to be grateful for in September.

If you are a home educator, I. Created that from my own template, if you sell clothing for newborn babies, you could create a post along the lines of things to be grateful for. If your baby was born in September or something like that, or things to be grateful for. If you have a September baby, and by all means at the end, at that post, give people a call to action to buy your lovely baby clothing.


To create an inspire post from this date, simply share a story or a quote or meme, something relatable around being thankful or thanking someone. You could even share a testimonial or an email from a client or customer who took the time to express their gratitude to you. One of the quickest and easiest ways to create community content is simply to ask questions.

So for example, who would you most like to say thank you to, or what mistake you made? Are you most grateful for? I always like to try and come up with something a little bit quirky or different. And finally we've got international podcast day on September the 30th. And first off you don't need to be a podcaster to share content about podcasting.

So for example, you could create a news and trends piece of content by sharing must listen podcast for September or for the autumn. You could create an inspired piece of


content by sharing a podcast or a number of podcasts, or perhaps a podcaster or a podcast host that really inspires you. If you have a podcast, you could share the story of what inspired you to start your podcast, to create community content.

You could simply ask your audience for their podcast recommendations. People love sharing recommendations. You could also ask questions to do with podcasting. So for example, I did a post on Twitter where I asked people what annoyed people most about podcast hosts. And I got some really interesting responses and actually quite helpful as a podcaster.

Finally a quick and easy educate piece of content to create is a listical of must listen podcasts. And the more you can be specific and call out your ideal customers or clients. So for example, five must listen, podcasts. If you're going through fertility treatment or five must listen


podcasts. If you've recently been diagnosed with autism.

So I hope you found that helpful. It's given you some ideas and inspiration for September, and also crucially some insight into how to take awareness days and use them to create content and reassurance that you don't need to take them. Literally, you can simply use them as a springboard as a, a way to generate ideas.

already do take a look at my:

You also get a comprehensive audio training that will take you step by step through how to do this, the


different style of content that I recommend and how to turn them into engaging posts for your business or. And if you're listening to this episode around the time it goes out, you may just be in time to grab my pre-order bonuses, which are absolutely fab this year.

So we've got my cash generation content kits, which includes exactly that templates. And. Training on how to create cash generation content. I do have a couple of episodes on that, which I linked to in the show notes. You've not heard of cash generation content before, but it really is the lifeblood of your business.

And it will also help you. If you have my courageous content planner to understand how the rest of your content fits in with cash generation content. You'll also get my awareness day. Content kit and audio training, which has dozens of fill in the gaps templates that you can use any time of year, actually, and use for different awareness date.


So you can reuse and recycle, and you will also get 400 fill in the gaps, social media, post templates for the rest of 2022. So it's gonna save you a ton of time and trouble, but those bonuses are only available up until September the fifth. If you're listening after that, then don't panic as a podcast listener.

I'm gonna give you a code now. So listening podcast. If you use that at the checkout, you will always get the best available offer or discount. I'm afraid those bonuses won't be available after September the fierce, but as a podcast, listen, you will always get the best available price on your planner and kit.

And any questions drop us line on Janet at Janet Murray dot co dot UK.



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